The Fat Cat Copy Course

How To Write Pro Copy that Gets Clicks, Conversions, and Customers for Life! | taught by Kaia Van Zandt

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Discover How to Write Professional Copy

That Gets the Sales & Loyal Customers You Dream of…

Without Compromising Your Core Values.

Kaia Van Zandt is the go-to senior copywriter for conscious business owners, authors, entrepreneurs and personal development leaders. (She’s made her clients millions of dollars, and has helped them achieve national and international bestseller status on both Amazon and the N.Y. Times bestseller lists.)

After seeing how hard it can be for people to articulate their message and get the sales they deserve, she created a simple and easy online copywriting course designed especially for difference makers, heart-based business owners, life coaches, social entrepreneurs, and writers who want to learn and polish their online copy chops.

Discover Copywriting Best Practices for Your Online Business In:

  • Launches
  • Emails
  • Autoresponders
  • Sales Pages
  • Opt In Pages
  • Webinars
  • Training Videos
  • Drip & Nurture Sequences
  • And a whole lot more!

"Kaia Van Zandt is more than a brilliant copy writer. She is a mission-aligning, game-changing superstar. In the span of three years, she has helped us grow from 5,000 members and an income stream of zero, to a 250,000 member, 7-figure organization that's out to change the food world. She's helped us hone our strategy, our service, and our message. She gets our mission and helps us manifest it with high integrity - and high performance. And the greatest gift she's given me is to help me find my voice. She's not just an outstanding strategist and communicator, she's also an extraordinary teacher. I can't wait for her course, because frankly, the world needs more of what Kaia brings."

— Ocean Robbins, Co-Founder & CEO, The Food Revolution Network

“I was shocked after I spent $50,000 and two years with 7 different ‘experts’ as I built two exceptional, fully automated, online programs --that nobody wanted to buy. It was like I built two incredibly powerful rockets with no ignition before I met Kaia. She lovingly taught me how to ignite those rockets – and my conversion rates soared from 5% to 53%. I can’t express the joy (and even a little guilt) with how well I finally now know my customer’s buying language. Thanks Kaia!”

--- James Stith, Founder, Blue Phoenix, Louisville, KY


The Fat Cat Copy Course is 4 modules, and learn at your own pace. The robust modules include top-notch teaching, exercises and challenges, plus a heap of helpful downloads.

Plus you get access to Kaia and the other students inside our Private Facebook Group!

MODULE 1: Build a Relationship

  • Copywriting Overview
  • Heart Sell vs. Hard Sell
  • Convey your Mission
  • Design Your Avatar
  • Emotional Language
  • The Glamour of Grammar
  • Creating a Relationship and Why it Matters
  • Subject Lines that Rock
  • Challenges!

MODULE 2: 50 Best Practices of Internet Copywriting

  • Online Syntax & Formatting
  • Basics & Tone
  • Improving Open Rates
  • The Big Book of Content
  • Pivot to the Sale
  • Challenges!

MODULE 3: Optimization

  • How to Run a Conclusive Email Test
  • How to Split Test your Headlines
  • Improving open rates (and how to get a 90.5% open rate!)
  • The 4 reasons people sign up for email
  • How to overcome customer objections
  • Writing to List Segmentation
  • What metrics you need to know as a copywriter
  • How to write for mobile readers
  • When to schedule your broadcasts
  • BONUS! How to save a Word document properly so you can always find it

MODULE 4: Implementation

  • How to write copy for:
  • Nurture Strings
  • Video Sales Letter campaigns (VSL series)
  • Miss You Migrations and
  • Drip Sequences
  • Swipe copy tutorial
  • How to script a webinar for sales
  • Opt in pages & Sales Pages
  • Example Emails
  • BONUS! The one email you should never send

I sure hope you sign up, as I'd love to see you inside the course, and support you in our Facebook group.



P.S. I get asked this question often:

Q: Why is it called the “Fat Cat” Copy Course, Kaia?

I named the course after my very own fat cat, Zee-Zee. She (a Birman rescue, for you cat lovers) has been a loyal, and yes, *pudgy* copywriting companion. Plus I love the double entendre. This course will make you a fat cat, too!

Kaia Van Zandt
Kaia Van Zandt

Kaia Van Zandt

Please write "Fat Cat" in your subject line.

Course Curriculum

Fat Cat Copy ~ Module 1 ~ Build a Relationship
Welcome to Module 1 of the Fat Cat Copy Course with Kaia FREE
Fat Cat Copy.part 1.Introduction Letter FREE
Fat Cat Copy.part 2.Copywriting Overview FREE
Fat Cat Copy.part 3.Meet Kaia FREE
Fat Cat Copy.part 4.Heart Sell vs Hard Sell FREE
Fat Cat Copy.part 5.Start With Your Mission FREE
Fat Cat Copy.part 6.Emotional Language
Fat Cat Copy.part 7.The Glamour of Grammar
Fat Cat Copy.part 8.Creating a Relationship
Fat Cat Copy.part 9.Hot Subject Lines
Fat Cat Copy.part 10.Challenges
Downloads for Fat Cat Copy Course ~ Module 1
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Fat Cat Copy ~ Module 2 ~ Best Practices
Welcome to Module 2 of the Fat Cat Copy Course with Kaia FREE
Fat Cat Copy.part 1.50 Best Practices
Fat Cat Copy.part 2.Syntax & Formatting
Fat Cat Copy.part 3.Basics & Tone
Fat Cat Copy.part 4.Improving Open Rates
Fat Cat Copy.part 5.Let's Talk Content
Fat Cat Copy.part 6.Pivot to the Sale
Fat Cat Copy.part 7.Challenges.MODULE 2
Downloads for Module 2 ~ Fat Cat Copy Course
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Fat Cat Copy Course~ Module 3 ~ Optimization
Welcome to Module 3 of the Fat Cat Copy Course with Kaia FREE
Fat Cat Copy.part 1. Optimization
Fat Cat Copy.part 2. Challenges
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Fat Cat Copy Course ~ Module 4 ~ Implementation
Welcome to Module 4 of the Fat Cat Copy Course FREE
Fat Cat Copy.Part 1.Implementation
Fat Cat Copy.Part 2.Nurture Strings VSLs & Drips.MODULE 4.UPDATED.KVZ
Fat Cat Copy.Part 3.Swipe Copy.MODULE 4.UPDATED.KVZ
Fat Cat Copy.Part 4.Webinars
Fat Cat Copy.Part 5.Opt Ins & Sales Pages
Fat Cat Copy.Part 6.Example Emails
Screenflow with Kaia. Sales Page review. Yanik Silver. Nov 2015
Opt in review. Screenflow with Kaia.Book Offer.recorded 3-16
Fat Cat Copy.Part 7.Challenges
Fat Cat Copy.Part 8.PS the one email you should never send
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Downloads for Fat Cat Copy Course ~ Module 4
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